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Taco Nights At DryHop Brewers

It’s been four years since my husband and I moved to Chicago from L.A., and some of the things we miss most are the neighborhood bars and taco shops we’d often visit.

Whether it’d been a long week of chasing stories and meeting deadlines for me, or Dallas working on medical school applications, nothing chased away the nerves and worries like a refreshing margarita and flavorful tacos.

Now in Chicago, I learned pretty quickly that some of the best taco spots are in Pilsen. We live in Lakeview, so it can be a little trek sometimes to go down there and when we’re craving a taco/margarita combo… we want it ASAP!

That’s why we were stoked to discover DryHop Brewers.

DryHop is a vibrant brewery and kitchen located on North Broadway in Lakeview, filled winter or summer with a mix of professional Chicagoans and locals alike. The brewery’s craft beers are only available there, with a focus is on hop-centric ales.

But of course, Dallas and I go here for the spot’s sweet margaritas and blackened tilapia tacos.

DryHop’s tacos have a perfect mix of ingredients: pickled jalapeño, red cabbage, radish, cotija cheese, and cilantro… all laid out on white corn tortillas.

DryHop’s Executive Chef Will Befort knows a thing or two about creating brewery comfort food and mixing it with some Mexican flair, having interned for Chef Rick Bayless at Frontera Grill.

So if you’re looking for a summer retreat… or to relive summer during Chiberia’s winter days… grab a table at DryHop and order away!

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