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On The Train

I sit on the train.
See the world pass me by.

A rush of faces and colors.
Sounds and thoughts.

A white man and a black woman.
They sit together.
Fifty years ago, silence.
Fifty years and now, laughter and gossip.

A girl’s skin glistens when the sun hits.
She proudly stands, waiting for her stop.
She hums.

Doors open.
First, crutches, then, person.
He smiles,
As he relaxes into a chair.

Bodies surround me.
I feel heat. I hear stories.
I listen, notice, understand.

The city, she finds a way
to show us what we try to find every day.

You see,
We’re together more than we think.

We bump, we shuffle.
We walk and move.

I sit on the train.
I see the world around me.

I smile.
I catch another’s eyes.
They smile back.

We let this moment fill us.

We share this space.

Photo Credit: Steven Wang on Unsplash /  
Sara Aho on Unsplash


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