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About Me

My name is Sharareh — Sha for short. I’m currently a writer and journalist living in Chicago.

I’ve made a living out of meeting strangers, interviewing them and telling their stories. My past work includes reporting for E! News, leading the editorial team at, and recently contributing to Hello Giggles.

Now? I’m turning things around, and sharing some of my own.


Throughout this blog, you’ll learn more about me. But for those who want a summary ASAP:

I am inquisitive, talkative, loud and silly. I love to laugh, eat and travel.

I enjoy learning, meeting people, asking questions, and exploring the world around me.

I’m super mixed: Iranian-Irish-American mainly, with a dash of Russian, Armenian, French and English.

I was born in Boston, grew up in Memphis, went to college and started my career in Los Angeles, and live in Chicago now with my husband Dallas, who is in medical school, and our grumpy/lovable cat Kiara.


Dallas and I recently got married. We had a big, fat, Persian/Mexican/American wedding, which easily need its own blog post.


I have ZERO clue what this blog is going to turn out to be, just being honest.

If you get a kick out of a story, great. If you laugh, amazing. If you get violently ill, please don’t sue me: my husband isn’t a filthy rich doctor yet.

x Sha
Creator + Blogger | There Sha Goes