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A Resolution I Can Follow Every Year

It’s 2018.

With every New Year comes the time for making resolutions, setting goals, and reflecting on our past year. We go over how we grew, how we failed, and ultimately what we can do to be better this year.

Last year, I see both growth and regression.

I married my true love. With this came the connecting of many families, traditions, cultures and ways of life. I learned many lessons from this… how to open myself up to new things, while also staying strong to my beliefs. I grew in how I could love. Before the wedding, my husband and I were connected… but something about our marriage bonded us tighter than I have ever felt before.

I traveled to new destinations and dared to try new things. Last Spring, I attended my friend’s wedding in Chamonix, France and Dallas couldn’t go with me. I was terrified to fly internationally alone — fear and anxiety trying to take over. But once the trip started, I realized how exciting this experience could be. I’d get to see and try so many new things, and I embraced that. Last year, I also took a chance to get back into acting, starting with taking improv classes at Second City. I’m in my third semester now, and the classes have helped me feel more confident and creative.

I made a point to strengthen my older relationships while also making new ones… and cutting out people from my life who just weren’t adding to it anymore. This was a tough decision to make, but it bettered my quality of life to be with friends who made me feel good about myself, not doubt myself.

I marched with brave women for what I believe in, thus finding a new fighting spirit in myself. I discovered how much my voice can truly matter, how much all of our voices truly matter, and that the power of the people can overcome injustice if we keep rising up.


Last year, I also learned there are many ways in which I could be better. Be better for myself, my family and friends, and for those around me.

I want to be braver.

I want to speak up more.

I want to be healthier physically and mentally.

I want to pursue goals and dreams, and not let insecurities or fear stop me from doing them.

And honestly, there is nothing stopping me from any of this except myself. I have all the tools to be successful, if I just let negativity go and allow positivity in.

A resolution I should be following every year is to do that. To let negativity go. Allow positivity in.

This means acknowledging I will fail and being okay with setbacks.

This also means I have to make an effort. Goals do not get accomplished from sitting on the couch.

And finally, this means I have to understand balance. That both failures and successes will happen, and not equally. I could go months with no success, and then it could come all in an instant.. or they could ebb and flow. I have to be okay with all of it, because there is no perfect path.

And as I go through this process, I hope that the betterment of myself and the lessons learned can offer ways for me to help others do the same.

Some of that will turn up here on this blog — posts and stories and findings that I hope you enjoy.

Happy New Year to all, and may love and light wrap around you.

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